Band The Dixie Hillbillies

The Dixie Hillbillies

What “they” say about us:
Renowned for their instrumental velocity and unusual vocal harmonies, the Dixie Hillbillies are a refreshing sound in the music industry with a blast of talent and showmanship.

Formed in June 2009, these musicians have struck a unique collaboration that has resulted in a brand new movement in SA that bring the best sounds from around the world together to form: The Dixie Hillbillies.

The exploration of world music and rock & roll has given them a new framework and revaluation as musicians, and provided them with a brand new playground.

Inflections from Nashville flat-pickn’ to bluegrass, jazz, funk and rock, the Dixie Hillbillies has fused their individual musical backgrounds to form a new, unique sound that resulted in their first release ‘A Touch of Grass’.