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 Waterfall Home Show


Open to the public, thousands of visitors are expected to descend on Waterfall Country Estate between Sunninghill and Midrand from 27 October to 4 November to visit the inaugural Century HomeShow sponsored by Eskom, where 12 teams of the best architects, builders, interior designers and landscapers will showcase their completed homes and battle it out to become the ‘House of the Century’ via public vote.

If you were asked to design the house of the century, what would it look like? Some would say it could have gardens on its walls or a pond stocked with fish for dinner. It might mimic a tree, turning sunlight into energy and carbon dioxide into oxygen. Or perhaps its technology will respond to your voice and react to your mood.
The HomeShow is for anyone renovating their existing home, anyone interested in building a new home, anyone wanting to see the “latest and greatest” in architecture, technology, landscaping and interior design – or just anyone who wants to have a fun day out with the family.
Each of the 12 homes will showcase the latest concepts and trends in design, energy efficiency and landscaping, developed by some of the top professional firms in South Africa, as well as all the latest green technology for home-building and indoor gadgetry for the residential market. It is the centerpiece of an eco-friendly housing development at Waterfall Estate which is setting the benchmark for ‘green’ homes.
There will also be a number of stunning prizes from competitions run by Century in collaboration with Saturday Star.
• An Easylife Kitchen makeover to the value of R150,000;
• A weekend for 2 at Tintswalo Atlantic (Chapman’s Peak) valued at R25,000;
• A weekend for 2 at Tintswalo Safari lodge (near Kruger), also valued at R25,000;
• 4 people will win advanced driving courses from Volkswagen each worth R2,500;
• 4 people will win Plascon paint to redecorate their home to the value of R100 000;
• 2 Samsung Smart TV’s and 3 new Apple iPad’s to the value of R35, 000 sponsored by onMag online publications.
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Waterfall Country Estate and Village features a variety of residential stands ranging from 650m² to 2000m² and offer clients a secure lifestyle and the freedom of designing and building their dream home.
With facilities such as a fully-equipped clubhouse overlooking a magnificent lake, walking and mountain bike trails, spacious greenbelts, and even a private school, the developments offer a secure environment for the entire family to enjoy.
Stand prices start from from R745,000, visit our sales office or click here to view availability, pricelist and layout.

The exhibit is the joint brainchild of Century Property Developments and Eskom, which have partnered in order to place home energy efficiency at centre stage in some of the most innovative homes pointing to the future for South African residents.

Century Property Developments CEO, Mark Corbett, says: “The HomeShow is Century’s way of kickstarting eco-awareness in the residential market in South Africa. While many South Africans are aware of the need to protect their environment and especially reduce their own personal carbon footprint, it has not always been easy for them to know exactly how to go about doing anything meaningful. We are hopeful that our HomeShow will in time come to be seen as a key milestone in taking environmental awareness to a new level.”
Explaining why Eskom is a key supporter of a development that aims to be as independent as possible of South Africa’s power grid, Corbett says: “Making our housing stock more energy efficient is critical to stretching our power generation capability, and in the process meeting South Africa’s carbon emissions targets.”
The Century HomeShow is open to the public and best of all, free of charge. Visit the show from 27 October to 4 November 2012, we look forward to seeing you there.
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